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We have 80 asfalted and numbered spots for caravans and good parking lots for every vehicle. If you have a place for the whole camping season, remember to register yourself when coming to the kiosk and fill a form that tells you are coming to the campsite. If you don´t pay the caravan place payment, we can dismiss your caravan season place and remove the caravan from the area.

Caravan spot:

You can book a caravan season place for 18.4.2019-30.9.2019, caravan season place
payment is the same even if you are not at the campsite. Caravan´s benefits are found in caravan place agreement.
People that stay overnight at the campsite, have to notify that they are coming and pay a payment of 5€/d or 10€/wkend.
Outside of the camping season, you have to pay a day-specific camping payment. Get to know the rules and instructions of the campsite that are found in Rules page. Staff reads electricity meter indication from the caravans/cars at the end of the camping season, or when asked otherwise during the camping season. If we don´t get the indication, we charge 5€ per day.

There has to be one visible electric wire placed outside of the caravan/car from the utility pole to caravan/car. Other wires, like cable reels or something similar are not allowed. You have to lead a wiring from the caravan to the electricity meter for the electric devices outside of your caravan. Breaking the rules of the campsite leads to removing you from the campsite, estimated bill for electricity and payed camping season spot is not returned.