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Campsite´s silence starts at 00:00 and ends at 06:00. During the silence, using an outdoor grill and driving a motor vehicle is not allowed. Silence doesn´t apply to Midsummer day weekend, Thursday-Sunday, party area is right next to the Camping.

Making an open fire in the campsite is not allowed elsewhere than in the places where it is allowed to set a fire.

We remove disruptivily acting person from the campsite and we don´t return his/her
campsite, cabin or camping payment neither pay back partially their payment. Campsite´s staff has a right to remove disruptivily acting person´s whole group from the area. Staff tows your caravan/car from the area and transfer cost goes from the troublemaker. Staff has the right to not give camping season place for someone.

Campsite´s cleanness and sanitation

Everyone is responsible keeping their camping place or other places where you hang clean as well as picking trash and leaving garbage in the garbage bins. Trash is recycled in to containers: Cardboard (flattened to a cardboard trolley), metal, glass and energy waste. You can put tiny amounts of bio waste in to the energy waste container.

Showers, saunas and other public spaces

Everyone takes care that the spaces are clean after using them. Intentionally messing up the
spaces can lead to removing from the area. In the showers you wash up. Standing in the shower under the running water is not allowed.
Saunas are kept warm by the utility building´s schedule. At other times, we demand a
separate payment and you have to order them in advance (ordering calendar in the
restaurant) WC and hand towels are only for campsite´s users and taking them elsewhere is a BURGLARY!
We perform an efficient wash in the WC and sauna spaces on Mondays at 7:00 to 9:00, friendly avoid moving in the spaces at that time.


Taking edged weapons and other kinds of weapons in to the campsite is absolutely
forbidden without permission that is made in advance.
Animals Keeping animals loose and taking them to the swimming beach is not allowed. You have to pick your animal´s waste. Owner of the animal is responsible that the animal doesn´t cause danger or disturbance to others.


Everyone is responsible for their personal damage that they cause with their carelessness or disregard.
Campsite´s organizer is does not have accountability for possible accidents that happen in the campsite.

Missing or damaged fortune

Campsite´s organizer is not responsible for any missing or damaged fortune that may occur in the campsite. This also includes motor vehicles. Every caravan and vehicle must have an active insurance.

Safety gap

Safety gap has to be atleast 4 meters which has to be unquestionably followed.

Use of electricity

Sharing power from the caravan´s utility pole or elsewhere without permission is not
allowed. Caravans/campervans must have a stationary meter. we do not accept meters that are connected to sockets. Meters are read when you arrive, 15.7. and when you leave the area. If you leave without the indication, we take the payment regarding what estimated electricity use costs. Person that uses electricity unfairly is removed from the campsite. Extension cords that go across the road or on top of the branches is absolutely forbidden.

Hawking in the campsite

Unauthorized hawking is forbidden in the campsite and is seen as a disruptive act.

Safety instructions


Get to know the place before settling in:

-check your cabin /caravan or camping place location from the campsite layout
-get to know the emergency exit locations
-investigate where is the nearest extinguisher
-exits are marked with green signs and extinguishing equipments with red signs
If you detect a fire or you smell smoke
-immediately save the people who are in danger
-report as quickly as possible to the reception, phone number +358 (0)40 0690379
-if you don´t get connection to the reception, call 112 for fire department to come.
-try to extinguish the fire
-restrain the fire by closing the doors and windows
When alarm happens
-listen to instructions
-leave the cabin/caravan/tent quickly, close the cabin´s door
-don´t stay collecting your personal things
-stay calm