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You can order a wood warmed sauna if you want to have a private party.
Public sauna is warmed on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings 18-21 o´ clock. Swimming in the clean Lake of Säläis completes a sauna evening.

During winter, we rent cabins and arrange a possibility for ice swimming.
There are modern washing and clothing upkeep possibilities. Caravans have separate reserved service point.

If ordered, we can arrange different camps and other group events, as well as eating and

In the summer, we have different kinds of events: dancing, karaoke, flea markets etc. We
also arrange bachelor parties and other family parties. Read more on Events page.

Fishing is a popular hobby: Lake of Säläis is an excellent fishing place for the whole family. Fishing permit cabinet is in our courtyard and also you can rent a boat.

People that are into motorsport can conveniently stay overnight at our campsite!
Botniaring´s motordrome is only five kilometres away from our campsite.